I’m too old

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Is anyone ever too old to improve the quality of their life? The correct answer should be no.

Utilizing dental implants as a means to stabilize replacement teeth has become very predictable in older individuals. Yet, many times those in this particular patient group consider themselves “too old” for treatment.

The human body does not stop the dynamic repair and remodeling sequence vital to bone health simply because of advancing age. Though not everyone in this age group is a candidate for implants, the majority tolerate the procedure well. In addition, this treatment option may hold powerful anti-aging effects. Stable teeth improve oral intake and nutrition which supports physical health. Cognitive and psychological benefits are derived when one can speak and interact with others naturally without fear their teeth will “move” or worse come out of the mouth.

To highlight one example, a nun in her late 90’s was referred for 2 implants to be placed in the lower jaw (stabilizing a lower denture). She did not ask if she was “too old.”  In her mind this was a logical step to improve her overall health. The implants were placed in one office visit under local anesthesia. She tolerated the procedure well and her teeth are now an integral part of her overall health.

The baseball player Satchel Paige once said of aging, “How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you were?” Dental implants provide the benefit of making one feel more youthful which most would agree enriches the quality of life.