All on 4/Teeth in a Day

The All-on-4® treatment concept is a cost-efficient, bone graft-less solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery, teeth that don’t need to remove. It is a proven technology and has been offered since 2000. You will be asleep for the procedure ensuring comfort throughout the process. The final prosthesis is made of porcelain and provides a more natural and aesthetic appearing smile.

It is a procedure commonly offered by other commercial entities. Working with Southwest Oral Surgery there is no pressure to “sell” this treatment if it is not right for you. Most importantly our doctors are local and available Monday through Saturday, ensuring the doctor you have become comfortable with and has treated you will remain the doctor you see. Ensuring you get the care you deserve.

Working with your dentist and a local high end dental laboratory we will provide a customized treatment to meet your needs and expectation. If you’re tired of wearing conventional dentures or need full mouth rehabilitation come in for a consult or speak to your dentist and see if this cost effective solution if a right fit for you.



Preserves the bone that would have surrounded your teeth, supporting your lip and face structures to give a more youthful look.

Functions as natural teeth, allowing you to chew all types of foods.

You will be able to enjoy a more healthy diet including fruits and vegetables giving you a more healthy lifestyle and proven to reduce medical problems.

Allows firm attachment to jaw, preventing poor speech and embarrassing moments where they may become disengaged.

No need for adhesive paste.


Bone that had surrounded teeth will continually “melt” away leading to continually poor fitting denture and poor chewing. In addition, without support your facial features will become more sunken in and give a more elderly presentation.

Can feel fake and unnatural by adding bulk to your mouth. If you have a bad gag reflex, dentures may be difficult to wear. Also, textures and temperature sensation will be reduced, reducing your enjoyment of food.

Chewing more structured foods becomes difficult leading to a soft or more processed diet which is associated with a multitude of medical problems.

Often slip out and become loose. Many patients overtime are unable to wear their dentures, especially the lower denture. It is common to hear that patients will only wear them during social engagements due to discomfort.

Will require multiple realignments and trips to the dentist or adhesive paste throughout the day.