Patient Reviews for St. Louis

At Southwest Oral Surgery, our mission is to provide the highest level of oral surgery treatment in a comfortable environment. We base our treatment decisions on the individual needs of the patient. Below are a few examples which highlight our commitment to state of the art oral surgery.

I have had nothing but amazing service here. The ladies in the office are so sweet and the doctors are amazing. Today I went to get a wisdom tooth removed that had a giant hole in it and I was miserable and in horrible pain for a month and a half. I had Dr. Gregg Hosch remove it and he was absolutely wonderful! He made sure I was calm and helped me feel comfortable. He was fast and so sweet. He even called me before they closed to ask how I was doing. Thank you so much!!!! I'm so happy to not be in anymore pain!

Elizbeth F.

I must say my time at Southwest Oral Surgery on Watson was well spent today. Dr. GH was fantastic in keeping me calm as well as aware. He even called me just a few moments ago to see how I feel. Since I thankfully have no wisdoms left, I won't be returning for that reason obviously. BUT if you do, give them a chance, give them a call and just set up an orientation. I'm not sure what else they do but a well rounded thank you and a huge thumbs up to you all.

David C.

Dr. Kramer and the rest of the staff were very kind and professional in every part of our experience. Will definitely go back if I need to! Thanks again Tony.

John H.