At Southwest Oral Surgery, our mission is to provide the highest level of oral surgery treatment in a comfortable environment. We base our treatment decisions on the individual needs of the patient. Below are a few examples which highlight our commitment to state of the art oral surgery. We hope these videos encourage you to give our office a call for your oral surgery needs.

This patient describes his experience with the "All On Four Dental Implant" rehabilitation of his upper teeth.

This patient describes an implant places in the back of the upper jaw that required sinus elevation to allow for successful integration.

This patient requested dental implants in the lower jaw to create a more natural dentition. Under general anesthesia, 5 implants were places which now support the lower teeth.

This patient wanted a predictable way to stabilize his lower denture. Two implants were placed in the lower jaw and attachments were placed in the lower denture making chewing and speaking more natural.

Teeth in a day: This case highlights the option of tooth removal and immediate implant and immediate tooth restoration.